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AUTOMOTIVE repair services

Gear Wheel


Alignment Services

We use around 35 years of alignment experience to set your wheels to an exacting standard. This causes your tires to wear evenly, last longer, and helps prevent hydroplaning due to improper settings. Our goal is to stay on top of the latest technology and techniques to serve you in the best way we can.

Why is tire alignment important?

  • Proper alignment angles help prevent hydroplaning due to proper tracking.

  • Good alignment will get you the best gas mileage because there is no drag on the tires.

  • Great tire alignment will get the most miles out of those expensive tires!

Signs you need your tire alignment checked:

  • Uneven tire wear: one edge of the tire wearing more than the rest 

  • Feathering or cupping out across the tread

  • Noisy tires

  • A pull to one side, especially on rear wheel drive vehicles

  • Unstable, vehicle not handling well

Gear Wheel


Brake Repair

If you hear a high-pitched squeal coming from your wheels, it could be the warning device on your brake pads, warning you that it's time for a job. We use a super high temperature lube on all sliding parts when doing brake repairs. This helps prevent vibration, which you hear as a squeaking noise when stopping. We use premium brake pads for quiet, squeak free stopping, low dusting, and quiet, squeak-free stopping. Exactly what you want and deserve!

Signs  you need your brakes checked:

  • Brakes squeaking

  • Continuous high-pitched squeal (means you're on the brake warning device)

  • Pulsating brake pedal when applying brakes

  • Car shakes when you apply brakes

Gear Wheel


Not many things are worse than sweltering in a vehicle that has the potential to blow cold air, but instead, the air coming out of your vents is barely cool. AC servicing has become much more challenging in our electronic age. A little sensor or malfunctioning actuator can cause the whole system to malfunction. We use top of the line equipment, many years of experience, and up to date software to keep you nice and cool. Give us a call. Satisfaction is our goal!

AC Repair
Gear Wheel


In addition to alignment services, brake repair, and AC repair, we also offer tire mounting, repair, balancing, and rotation services. We specialize in diagnosing shakes and vibrations and also finding noises in suspension with our high-tech chassis ears. We can replace shocks and struts,  starters, water pumps, alternators, and radiators on most vehicles.

What  Customers are Saying:

He's very knowledgeable about what he's doing!! Even checked my tires and drove it to see if I needed an alignment free of charge. I definitely recommend them! - Shaun J.

Good place to go. Amazing secretary; very helpful. Recommended to anyone who wants honest, dependable work. - Heidi B.

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